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I makeprettythings.

I spend most of my time drawing; I love character design, illustration, installation, a bit of coding, and stuff that moves.

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Little Lizzie


---------- Little LizzieClick for more pictures of this project.

Little Lizzie is a character I created for my personal branding, and I have collected my illustrations of her over the past 3 years for websites, social networks and other projects, she seems to creep in everywhere!


Croyde B


---------- Croyde BClick for more pictures of this project.

Croyde B was a freelance project designing characters and promotional material for a range of children's bags and accessories, which have built in LEDs supporting night time safety. Buy yours here.




---------- ReflectionsClick for more pictures of this project.

A series of sketches, illustrations animations and a motion-controlled interactive piece on the topic of fish. With thanks to The Aquatic Habitat for letting me pester their stock!




---------- BeachesClick for more pictures of this project.

Beaches includes both my A-Level Fine Art project, and a collection of sketches, paintings, collages and photographs I have studied on the beaches of Devon.




---------- PandathropomorphicsClick for more pictures of this project.

Pandathromorphics is an animation exploring the evolution of animated characters, loosely based on the progression of Mickey Mouse's appearance over 85 years. Also my first experiment with claymation!




---------- MockingbirdClick for more pictures of this project.

Mockingbird aims to create empathy for the confusing and beautiful ways adults with autism see the world by creating a real-time experience of their symptoms in their own words, to let you see things from their point of view.
Although this was designed as a show installation, you can view a public version of the project here.